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Successful Technical Course in Ha Noi, Vietnam

For the initiative of the Vietnam Olympic Committee and the Weightlifting Federation of Vietnam, a Technical Course took place in the city of Ha Noi, VIETNAM from the 13th until the 20th of October 2010. Under the leadership of Mr. Do Ding Khan, President of the Vietnam Weightlifting Federation, 39 persons from various cities participated to the lectures.


The venues to host this practical and theoretical course were the offices of the NOC of Vietnam and the Ha Noi City National Stadium.


The theoretical lectures were held by Mrs. Reiko Kato CHINEN, Member of the IWF’s Technical Committee. She included many topics in her lecture such as the requirements of a Technical Official, the major rule changes within the current quadrennial, the role of a Referee and a Chief Marshal and some more technical issues.


During the practical exercises, Youth athletes of Ha Noi City participated to a special competition by being alternately lifters and loaders. The competitions were performed in 2 sessions, Men and Women. Under the direction of the coaches and Mr. VO Ngoc Toan, one of the two International Category 1 Referees in Vietnam who officiated at the 2010 Youth Olympic Games, the lifters intentionally wore many prohibited outfits and/or performed many incorrect movements in order to see and correct the mistakes and review the work of the officials. The review of the practical exercise helped to point out the problematic of officiating Good Lift or No Lift, and gave answers to the questions raised by the participants. 


After the successful exercises, a special examination with 50 questions was completed by the attendees.  Right after, 6 Vietnamese International Referees (Two Category 1 and four Category 2 Referees) evaluated the examination.  All participants passed the educational test and received a certificate. We noted with pride that one of them showed 100% correct answers.