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Seminar in the framework of the IWF DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM in MALTA

We would like to draw your attention to the IWF – Mediterranean Weightlifting Confederation (MWC) seminar in the framework of the Development Program which will be held from 20th to 23rd October in Malta (Seashells Resort at Suncrest-Qawra) during the “V Mediterranean Cup”.

Renowned and experienced lecturers will lecture about “New skills for developing Weightlifting”

The program of the seminar is the following:

Stabilometric analysis:
• Determining the COP (centre of pressure) and the centre of balance of the sub plantar region;
• Stabilometric analysis with one and with two tests;
• Statokinesigrams and their confidence ellipses;
• Determining the centre of pressure and the centre of mass;
• Controlling and over-controlling oscillations: spectral interaction density;
• Vectogram of the vertical forces;
• Posture profile;
• Brownian diffusion;
• Asymmetry diagram;
• Rehabilitation and biofeedback.

Static and dynamic baropodometry:
• Visualizing the sub plantar loads valorizing the Kpa;
• Analyzing the phases of the step.

Functional recovery
• Test of explosive force with sensorize detectors

Lecturers of Italian Federation’s National School will be Prof. VARALDA Carlo and Dr. FEBI Massimiliano.

We would like to ask every official and team leader to make sure that their athletes will honor the project by their presence during the training camp from 20th to 23rd and seminar that will be held Saturday 23rd October at 9:00.
The MWC, with the funds allocated by the IWF, will contribute to paying the travel expenses for two people only (1 athlete and one coach per country) with a contribution of 130 euro per person as well as paying bed and board for 4 days and transport in Malta.

By Dr Maurizio Lo Buono, President of the MWC