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HERNANDEZ Yoelmis from Group B on the 3rd place of the podium!

ZIELINSKI Adrian (POL) displayed an explosive performance and won 3 medals including the gold in Total. After an unfortunate accident the Armenian lifter KHACHATRYAN Ara had his elbow seriously injured during his first attempt of Clean & Jerk. He was not able to continue the competition any more, there for his coach went up on stage to take over his gold medal for Snatch where he performed 175kg.

YUFKIN Aleksey (RUS) won the bronze in Snatch, and managed to take the silver medal in Total with 380kg which was 3kg less than the Polish lifters result. Bulgaria won 2 medals while their athlete LAHUN Siarhei finished first in Clean & Jerk ahead HERNANDEZ Yoelmis (CUB) who stepped forward from Group B to the podium.

The Chinese lifter LU Yong came out for one attempt in each practice because he is still recovering from a previous knee injury and wants to be ready for the upcoming Asian Games. Even though, his performance allowed him to win qualification points for his team while he finished 5th in Total.