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Kazakh-Russian Podium

On the 21st of September, in women’s 75kg no one managed to be just as good as PODOBEDOVA Svetlana (KAZ) who couldn’t be dethroned. World Champion in 2009, she now won the 3 gold medals after performing serial good lifts. During a stressful tactical fight the Russian lifter ZABOLOTNAYA Svetlana broke PODOBEDOVA’s World Records in both Snatch and Clean & Jerk taking leading position, but with a high technical superiority and grim determination the Kazakh athlete took the leading position back by not only breaking these previous records but also by setting a new one in Total with 295kg. ZABOLOTNAYA Svetlana won two silvers in Snatch and in Total, while her compatriot EVSTYUKHINA Nadezda got two bronze and supplanted her from the second place in Clean & Jerk.