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Third day continues with record

During the 3rd day in women’s 58kg category DENG Wei (CHN) showed without being contested her dominating position not only by winning the gold medal, but also setting a new Youth World Record in Clean & Jerk. The second place went to NOVIKAVA Nastassia who had a hard time after a small injury during her second Clean & Jerk attempt, but she managed to take the silver in total with 233kg. JONG Chun Mi (PKR) got two medals, a silver in Clean & Jerk and a bronze in Total.

In men’s 62kg category KIM Un Guk dominated the snatch by lifting 147kg followed with 173kg in Clean & Jerk for a 320kg Total and won the gold! After a successful start and a bronze medal in Snatch, the Chinese lifter DING Jianjun had a serious knee injury and wasn’t able to come out for his second attempt of the Clean & Jerk and couldn’t finish the competition. ZHANG Jie (CHN) fighted out the second place in Total and won a gold medal in Clean & Jerk. The Turkish lifter BILGIN Erol easily managed to keep his bronze medal winning position in Total next to a silver performed in Snatch.