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The very first Youth Olympic Games

This first edition of the Youth Olympic Games welcomed a total of 104 participating weightlifters out of 64 countries. IWF takes great pleasure in congratulating Singapore on its accomplishment for providing stupendous atmosphere and conditions for every athlete and official participating in the weightlifting competitions.


The numbers of gold medal winning countries are 8. Lifters from the Asian continent won 5 and lifters from the European continent won 3 gold medals.


There were 20 medal winning nations from 4 continents. Lifters from Asia won 8, from Europe 6, from Pan-America 4 and from Africa 2 medals.


We had the pleasure to be present at the first attempt of the YOG, Lilla BERKI (HUN, Women 48kg, 40kg) and of the last attempt on the YOG, Alireza KAZEMINEJAD (IRI, Men +85kg, 196kg). They both performed a good lift, and we would like to congratulate them on their results.


The youngest athlete was Lomina TIBON (MHL, Women 53kg), born on the 17th of December 1994 and the so to speak “Oldest” athlete was Tairat BUNSUK (THA, Men 69kg), born on the 11th of January 1993.


Tian Yuan (CHN, Women 48kg) set two new Youth Women’s World Records in snatch and in total while Deng Wei (CHN, Women 58kg) improved Junior Women’s World Record in total and set Youth Women’s World Record in snatch, clean & jerk and in total.


Jacques Rogge the President of the IOC honored the + 85kg competition by making a longer appearance. Throughout the event several IOC members were present at weightlifting competitions every day. The IOC Member of the USA, Anita De Frantz, was so strongly amazed by the athletes and competition that she wrote a short story about her impressions.


Despite that the weightlifting competition came to an end, the first Youth Olympic Games is still going on until the closing ceremony to be held on the 26th of August.


We appreciate the conditions and assistance that have been provided for weightlifting by the Singapore Organizing Committee, and grateful to Tom Liaw Competition Manager for ensuring the success of the Games.