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Excitement and drama on Day 4 at the YOG prove that the youth is taking it seriously

Singapore – 18 August 2010:

In the men’s 77kg Russian Artem Okulov even had bad luck as the clock ran down for his second clean and jerk attempt, yet his overall performance displayed explosive power and he won with a very convincing 327kg over silver medallist Chatuphum Chinnawong of Thailand (311kg). Rustem Sybay (KAZ) easily managed to keep his bronze medal winning position against Papua New Guinea’s (!) emerging lifter Steven Kari. Another medal contender, Ossama Khattab befell the same fate as his fellow-Egyptian before: he missed 132kg three times in the snatch and could not score in the Games.

The women’s +63kg category lined up 13 young ladies with bodyweights ranging from 69.21kg to 119.89kg. After the snatch, Thailand’s Chitchanok Pulsabsakul was in the lead with her 115kg against Olga Zubova (RUS) whose best snatch was 112kg. In the second act, several lifters took attempts aiming at the lead, however, when Zubova opened with a very easy 135kg, such hopes seemed to fade away, except for PRK lifter Kim Kuk Hyang, who started highest, at 138kg. The tactical game heated up towards the end and when Zubova finished with 251kg, ahead of Pulsabsakul only on bodyweight, emerging Kim saved two attempts to lift 146kg and thus take the Olympic Champion title. Alas, she failed in her dramatic effort and so the Russians could rejoice over victory in the last women’s category of the YOG.