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IWF President praises Guatemala for hosting Pan-Am events

The President of the IWF, Dr. Tamás Aján has told upon his return from Guatemala: “I can only congratulate the Guatemala Weightlifting Federation on hosting the 2010 Pan-American Championships in Guatemala City.”
The President attended the Championships and the PAWF meetings as a Guest of Honour of the Organising Committee and the Olympic Committee of Guatemala. “I wish to thank the Federation President, Lic. José Antonio Coro Garcia and the NOC President Gral. Sergio Arnoldo Camargo Muralles for their great hospitality and for bringing these important events to Guatemala. I would also like to offer my congratulations to my colleagues on the Pan-American Weightlifting Federation, in particular to President Willian Ozuna on the excellent conduct of the meetings and Congress that I had the honour to attend. I can say that under due handling and care Pan-American weightlifting has a more auspicious future than ever before.”
At the same time he offered his sympathy to Guatemala for the difficulties it has been facing in the last few days as a result of the natural catastrophe caused by the volcano.