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Olympic Solidarity Coaching Course in Nairobi, Kenya

Course expert Aveenash Pandoo from South Africa reporting:

The Kenyan Federation hosted a very successful Olympic Solidarity Coaching Course in Nairobi Kenya. The course expert appointed by the IWF was Aveenash Pandoo from South Africa.

19 Coaches attended the coaching course and will now have the serious task of developing the sport in Kenya.
Some of the topics covered at the coaching course were:

– Role of the coach
– Characteristics of children and how to coach them. 
– The technical rules. 
– The warm up 
– The snatch and Clean& Jerk Techniques 
– Mistakes and correction. 
– The spirit of Fairplay. 
– Periodization planning. 
– Video analysis of techniques.

At the end of the course I must say that the coaches learnt a lot and will be able to correctly demonstrate the techniques and also have the ability to teach the techniques correctly. Close monitoring will be kept in the form of quarterly feedback from the coaches and the association as to the development of the game in Kenya. In a meeting, the Olympic Committee President of Kenya, athletics legend Dr. Kipchoge Keino gave me his words that he will do his best to keep the support towards the development of the weightlifting in Kenya.