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IWF Council held meeting in Cairo

Following the joint meeting with the Weightlifting Federation of Africa officials, the IWF Council sat down in Cairo for a meeting to discuss current issues of primary focus in the sport. The Council – consisting of Messrs. Tamás Aján, Ma Wenguang, Sam Coffa, Hasan Akkus, Dragomir Cioroslan, Zygmunt Wasiela and Ronald Frere – complete with invited guests for certain relevant agenda items (Messrs. Nicu Vlad, Emilio Estarlik, Chang Chao-Kuo) had a full day of fruitful consultations on topical issues in the spirit of common wisdom. Conclusions were drawn for recommendations and proposals to be submitted to the IWF Executive Board which has the authority of decision.
The meeting venue and facilities at the Cataract Pyramic Resort Hotel of Cairo were offered by the Egyptian Weightlifting Federation.