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Matthias Steiner is hoping his newborn son will compete at the 2032 Olympics!

Matthias would probably like to lift the whole world above his head out of happiness after the 27-year-old became a father nearly a week ago.

His wife Inge (39) gave birth to son Felix in hospital in Heidelberg. The youngster already weighs nearly four kilograms.

BILD: How did if feel to hear your son cry?

Steiner: “It was a huge relief when the little one first cried. It was emotionally overwhelming.”

BILD: In which sport should we be expecting Felix to compete in in the 2036 Olympics? Will you recommend a sport to him?

Steiner: “Why 2036? I’m already thinking about 2032. I was at my first Olympic games at 22 after all. He’s allowed to choose the sport himself. But I would naturally be pleased if he became a sportsman.”

BILD: Do you have more fear of the future now as a new father?

Steiner: “Less, in fact. It gives me more hope.”

BILD: Do you already feel that fatherhood has changed you?

Steiner: “Yes, absolutely. I must now plan my time much more carefully for the little one, I can no longer just change my plans at any time. That is a new experience for me.” (Based on Bild story)