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New Record to Itte Detenamo (Nauru)

Super-heavyweight weightlifter Itte Detenamo (Nauru) has just returned back to the Oceania Weightlifting Institute here in New Caledonia from his short but successful trip to the USA, where he competed at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Weightlifting Championships, in Columbus – Ohio.

Itte snatched a personal best lift of 175Kg and clean & jerked 216Kg and set a New South Pacific Total record of 391Kg. This total of 391Kg has moved Itte into first place in the Commonwealth rankings.

The tournament was a great success with almost 300 competitors taking part. Over 180,000 people attended the 3 day sports extravaganza aimed at fitness and strength. Apart from weightlifting other sports included in the program were, body building, power lifting, cross fit games, martial arts, arm wrestling, wrestling, boxing, figure skating, karate, strong man classic, fencing, judo, archery, and many other sports. The exhibition was held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. Governor Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone were amongst the guests during the three day event. 

OWF office
13 March 2010