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Inspection visit at Paris 2011 reveals advanced stage of preparations

Anikó Németh-Móra, IWF Director and Attila Ádámfi, IWF Competition Director made a technical inspection visit over the weekend in Paris, to co-ordinate the organisation of the 2011 Olympic Qualification World Championships. The visit and the discussions embraced the cheking of accommodation, competition venue, training, meals, technical organisation, regulation, transport, etc. – all important aspects of the Championships.
Already now, 20 months prior to the event, an Organising Committee is in place and in full operation, under the care of FFHMFAC President Jean-Paul Bulgaridhes and professional experts appointed or employed in key positions. The IWF officials stated that the preparations were in an advanced stage and the French hosts are aspiring at staging the world championships to full satisfaction of the participants.