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Change from Bulgarian to Chinese way

According to Olympiat Dünyasi (Olympic World), official publication of the Natioanl Olympic Committee of Turkey (published every three months) there will be radical changes in Turkish weightlifting. ‘Our men’s team, in which five out of seven athletes entered the World Championships for the first time in the senior category, could not win any medals. Turkey came in 16th among men’s teams. Trainer Raif Özel stated that their main objective is 2012 London Olympic Games. Meanwhile, Turkish weightlifting will quit the Bulgarian school it had been applying for the past 20 years and switch to the Chinese school. The weekly training time will be increased from 20 to 30 hours. In addition to the technical movements, power training will also be highlighted. In this framework, a training system based on endurance will be created. Athletes will be placed into camp for 9-10 months annually. No one will be able to say: ‘I will work out with my own trainer.’