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Happy Birthday Mr. Miyake

MIYAKE Yoshinobu was born 70 years ago, 24. 11. 1939, The Japanese Olympic Champion is the member of the weightlifting Hall of Fame since 1993.

His Olympic results –

1960 Silver

1964 Gold

1968 Gold

He was world champion in 56 kg in 1962, and five times world champion in 60 kg.(1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1968). He broke the world records 26 times.

Long time Miyake served for Japan Self Defence Force (JSDF) and was the Head Master of its Physical Training School which includes weightlifting, wrestling, shooting, and several other Olympic sports.

He retired from the JSDF in 1997. In the next year, he was recruited as the Vice President of the Japan Triathlon Union (JTU) by Mr. IGAYA Chiharu, IOC Member, through his great experience in Weightlifting as a power sports – completely opposite from Triathlon as an extreme endurance sport. He officiated as a representative coach of 2004 Athens Japanese Triathlon Team.

Miyake is now one of the Counselors of the JTU. On the other hand, he is quite busy for giving lectures as a former Olympic Gold medalist in Weightlifting.

(based on Reiko Chinen’s remarks)