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Bosnia and Herzegovina’s hopeful for Goyang

Almira Lizde was born 04. 07. 1982. in Konjic, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She started with weightlifting in 1998, after Bosnian war. Regarding all category athletes, men and women, she is the best Bosnian lifter. Last year she was second of all female competitors in all sports in Bosnia! She won at Alpe Adria Cup many times, the Balkan Promotion Cup. ,

Her best results:
69 category: snatch 82; clean and jerk 100; total 182
75 category: snatch 90; clean and jerk 113: total 202

At the European and World championship she could not reach the top 10, but we do hope in Goyang her position will be among the first ten. Her preparation was successful, she was 4th at the Mediterranean Games and 2nd At the 2nd Vladan Mihailovic tournament.

In 75 kg category we excpect 95 snatch and 116 clean&jerk! The goal is to brake the national records.

(MSc Nedim MASIC
General Secretary of
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Weightlifting Federation)