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Breeze gives Goyang a miss

Michaela Breeze, the 30-year-old PE teacher , who became Britain’s first woman Olympic weightlifter in 2004 at the Athens Games (ranked 9th), is Commonwealth champion (2006) and competed in the 63kg category in Beijing Olympics. (Breeze lifted her first two attempts at 80kg and 85kg but after her second snatch lift the Devon teacher pulled up injured. When the time came for her third lift, however, the announcement came that Breeze was injured and could not continue.
Although she did return for the clean and jerk, her back would obviously causing her huge pain although she did bravely complete three lifts and finished in 15th place overall with five succesful attempts out out five.)
‘I took a few months off after the Beijing Olympics to allow my back time to settle down and recover. I started training again at the end of last year and have built up steadily. I got myself back into reasonable shape. I have declined the World Championships this year because my recovery is not as good as it used to be and i didn’t want to put myself under unnecessary pressure of competing while still below best. If I am to compete, I want to be as competitive as possible and at least be close to best.

It is for these reasons why I am focusing on rehabbing fully before facing the biggest weightlifting stages.’