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London 2012 Stamp Program

London 2012 Stamps

London 2012 has entered into an agreement with Royal Mail, the national postal service of the United Kingdom, to create and publish a collection of commemorative stamps celebrating the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games. Over the course of the next 3 years Royal Mail will publish a total of thirty stamps embracing each of the combined sports as well as any sports that are Olympic or Paralympic specific. The stamps have been designed by renowned creative artists from across the UK and each take on a very different approach; from the most abstract of styles to the most refined and ornate. Published in presentation packs of ten stamps each year in the run up to 2012, they will form a valuable collector’s item and become one of the first licensed products to be associated with the London Games. The first set of London 2012-themed stamps went already on sale. Designed by top artists and illustrators, they feature 10 Olympic and Paralympic sports, including weightlifting. The stamps were launched by Jessica Ennis, World Heptathlon Champion 2009; Nick Gillingham, double Olympic medallist; and Gregory Parker, 11-year old Swimming hopeful ranked first in his county and trained by Gillingham.

There will be further issues of sports stamps in 2010 and 2011, alongside first day covers, presentation packs and other commemorative products.

The stamps are available to buy on the Royal Mail website

Royal Mail is commissioning some of the most exciting artists and illustrators to produce a total of 30 stamps. The first of these features Olympic and Paralympic Games issued in two se-tenant strips of five 1st Class stamps. Further sets of ten will be issued in 2010 and 2011. (by London 2012)

Artist – Guy Billout

Guy Billout is a French artist and illustrator whose aesthetic style is spare and deceptively simple but instantly recognizable, at times incorporating some ironic element.

His work has been featured in Atlantic Monthly, The New York Times and Glamour.