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Olympic champion Liao Hui towers above total world record

Olympic Champion Liao Hui continued his invincible lift as he broke the total world record of the men’s weightlifting 69kg category to win gold at the Chinese National Games on Saturday.
Liao, representing Chinese Army, lifted 195kg in the jerk for a total result of 358kg, one kilo more than the current world record of 357kg, made by Galabin Boevski in Athens in 1999.

The 22-year-old tried to challenge 198kg in his last attempt, aiming at breaking the jerk world record of 197kg, but failed.

“I am going to break the jerk world record in the world championships,” Liao told the press after the competition.

Liao’s national teammate Zhang Guozheng set the jerk world record at 197kg in the Asian Championships in 2003.

“I was encouraged by my teammates in the national teams. Their record-breaking performance gave me momentum to do the same thing, “said Liao.

“I didn’t eat anything in two days to lose weight, so my power was weakened. Actually, I once lifted 198kg in the training before.”

“We had planned to lift a total of 358kg before the Games, so I’m satisfied with Liao’s performance today,” said Liao’s coach Yu Jie.

“He was so active during the competition, and he wanted to break the jerk world record too, which was not our plan,” he added.

“We still have time (to break the jerk world record). Let’s wait and see at the world championships.”

Tang Deshang of Zhejiang, bronze medalist in the national championships in April, collected silver medal at 341kg, while Lin Qingfeng of Fujian, seventh placer in the national championships, settled with the bronze at 332kg.

Liao’s performance will not be written into the world records book because the sport governing body, the International Weightlifting Federation, only recognizes records set in world, continental and Olympic competitions.