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Three time Olympian Rodrigo del Rosario, passed away at 92

Arturo Macapagal, president of the Philippine Olympian Association, announced the passing away of Olympian Rodrigo del Rosario, 92. He was the first to represent his country at Olympic Games in weightlifting.

Del Rosario, from Cabangan, Zambales, represented the country in three Olympics: London 1948 (5th), Helsinki 1952 (4th) and Melbourne 1956 (eliminated in clear and jerk).

What many Filipino sports fans don’t know is that, although he never won an Olympic medal, Del Rosario managed to set an Olympic record.

During the 1952 Olympiad, Del Rosario lifted 105 kg in the featherweight press which broke the record of 100 kg made in the 1948 London Olympics.

His feats, inspired his son, Arturo (1972, 1976 Olympic participant), and a nephew, Salvador, (1968, 1972, 1976 Olympic participant), to take up the sport of weightlifting. and they too became Olympians.

Salvador del Rosario was declared the world’s strongest man in the flyweight division when he plucked a gold medal in the World Weightlifting Championships held in Columbus, Ohio, USA in 1970. Del Rosario actually won the title by technicality because three of his top rivals were disqualified for using illegal drugs.