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China’s weightlifters outshone world records in 48 kg and 53 kg category at the National Games

Chinese women’s world champions Li Ping and Wang Mingjuan towered above world records in the 53 and 48 kilogram weight classes respectively at China’s National Games.

The two outshone the records in Saturday’s competition in the eastern city of Jinan, with Li shattering previous world records in the 53kg class by snatching 103kg, lifting 132kg in the clean and jerk and totalling 235kg, according to the Games website.

She broke the previous world snatch record in the weightclass of 102kg, while eclipsing the clean and jerk record of 129kg and total lift record of 226kg.

“I just focused on defending the title, not thinking of breaking the world records,” Li told reporters.

“I did really stable lifts in the snatch. That’s why I won the gold today.”

While breaking the world records, Li, 21, from Hunan province, defended her national games title won four years ago in Nanjing city.

As the International Weightlifting Federation only recognises records set in world, continental and Olympic competitions, Saturday’s performances will not go down in the record books.

Wang, 24, also broke the 48kg class records by lifting 99kg in the snatch and 121kg in the clean and jerk for a total of 220kg.

World records are in the weight class include 98kg for the snatch, 120kg for the clean and jerk and 217kg for the total.

Though bettering weightlifting world records frequently happens in the Chinese National Games, the new results will not be counted as they are not accepted by the International Weightlifting Federation.