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Personal Side of Olympians on TV Screens

The Beijing Olympic Games are over but the buzz with Korea’s Olympic stars is ongoing. Television broadcasters have been busy the past few days, and some have bore fruit with several of the most promising Olympic stars scheduled to appear on shows.

The first will be Jang Mi-ran, the gold medallist weightlifter. Jang, 24, will appear on comedian Kang Ho-dong’s “Gold Fish-Mureuppak Guru” and share untold stories about herself and the world of weightlifting.

“Gold Fish-Mureuppak Guru” is a popular talk show where celebrity guests bring their worries and ask Kang, a former ssireum (Korean wrestling) champion dressed as a shaman, for a solution. It has been through ups and downs since the first episode, with some fans thinking the show was creative and touching, while others felt uncomfortable with Kang’s hyper hosting style. Nevertheless, the MBC program has a reputation for getting top celebrities to reveal personal stories. Kang and Jang are expected to talk about her weight; not how to lose, but how to gain more.

Fencing silver medallist Nam Hyun-hee and weightlifter Lee Bae-young will meet television fans through KBS’s “Happy Sunday-Schoolympics.” The Olympic stars will compete in simple yet nostalgic games and activities on a set created to look like a classroom with celebrities as their competitors. The games will require the “athletes” to use simple school necessities like chairs, desks, mops and even buckets. Aiming to bring a more interesting and fun school environment, the show will combine elements of sport and school activities with the help of sports stars and celebrities. The show will air Sept. 14 on KBS.

By Han Sang-hee