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Matthias Steiner in Austria

700 spectators at the Steiner appearance in Braunau!
Television stations, such as RTL, ARD, ZDF, MDR, SWR, ORF were present when Matthias Steiner had his first competition after his Olympic victory on 19 August 2008 in Beijing on 5 September in the District Sports Hall in Braunau. The German team participated at the 16th Günter Stapfer Memorial as their first World Cup test. Matthias Steiner fulfilled every autograph request, and was tormented by the media with questions that way. Main point of course, was his new girlfriend, TV presenter Inge Posmyk to have a baby in March 2010

And the 700 spectators took her not come to regret it. Matthais Steiner had a very good performance lifting 235 kg. The next test event is on 24 October the German championship in Ladenburg.

Also Jurgen Spiess (European Champion 2009) and Almir Velagic (2nd at European Championships 2009) were already in good shape.
Report: Conny Högg
Photo: Thomas Sauerlachner

Results Stapfer Memorial 2009