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Weightlifting Hall of Beijing Olympics turned into fitness center

The Weightlifting Hall of Beijing Olympics, Beihang University Gymnasium, has become a fitness center for Beijing citizens.

Fan Yizhi, deputy director of Beihang University Gymnasium, said since July the main venue was renovated by removing the curtain wall built for weightlifting games, and by cleaning up the Olympic logos. The project is expected to be completed before the National Day which falls on Oct. 1.

The ancillary hall, as athlete’s lounge and staff’s dining area during the Olympic Games, has been restored as a badminton venue. During the summer holidays, a lot of students, teachers and local citizens have come and played here.

In spite of the venue with good facilities, its rent price is not expensive and students can afford.

The rent here is only 15 yuan (2.2 U.S. dollars) an hour.”

(Xinhua News Agency)