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To all lifters, coaches, officials participated at the Beijing Olympic Games

We are very close to the first anniversary of the unforgettable Beijing Olympic Games. We all have memories of the Asian capital, its everyday life, culture, people and habits. Many of us had a chance to look around the city, to visit some places of interest or climb on Great Wall. To remember those nice days now the managers of IWF web site ask you all, lifters, coaches, officials to select among your best and popular Beijing photos and send to us for public use on IWF web site.

Let’s make an international memory album together!

We invite you all who wish to join and send us your favourite photos taken a year ago in Beijing. The focus is on your non-competition photos ( city, Olympic village, silk market, shopping, excursions, among friends, whatever) but of course you are welcome if you wish to publish competiton photo on yourself or on your friend as well. This is the time to collect the best private photos depicting you or your team mates somewhere in Beijing . This is the best way to represent the members of our weightlifting society around the world.

Looking for the funniest, the most friendly, the kindest in brief all types of photos you like. Do not be shy! Our interactive site is yours! We all appriciate and thank for your efforts. Let us start today!

You can send your photos to DEZSŐ DOBOR, HEAD PRESS OFFICER OF IWF