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International Coaching Course (ICC), Budapest, Hungary

The first International Coaching Course in Budapest was held in 1971. Since the establishment of the Course, over 1.500 participants from more than 85 countries and all continents of the world received their education and certificate at our University. As a result of the long time activity in the international coach education the Course management has developed cooperation with governmental and non-governmental institutions all over the world, which corresponded with the
objectives of the course.

The ICC is designed to train and educate coaches from around the World. The programme attempts to promote and develop excellence in coaching. The Course provides coaches with a systematic way to improve their knowledge and skills in the theoretical, technical and practical aspects of coaching.

The ICC is initiated, organised and supervised by Semmelweis University, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Strategic and International Directorate. It is an intensive, concentrated, and intermediate level course. The course is organised in half-year intervals starting every March and September. Usually 10-15 sports are offered, depending on the demand and actual applications. See the attached application form for actual courses. The sports are carefully selected, based on traditions, long-term success of the Hungarian National Teams and the availability of our well-known lecturers and coaches. The duration of the course is three months.

Course content in detail has been carefully selected to meet the needs of coaches working with generally young, developing athletes as well as with advanced athletes of elite sport. To train a competent coach, completion of both theory and practical/technical components of the programme is essential. Progress in the training programme requires active coaching to implement the knowledge gained in the coaching course; therefore all participants are involved in practical coaching work in the leading Hungarian sport clubs. They are supervised by the senior lecturer and/or his/her assistants of the particular sport.

The curriculum of the theoretical part (general subjects) deals with the art and science of coaching rather than the specifics of any particular sport. The content of the theory courses is basic to the broader education of the programme and includes the following subjects: training theory, sport physiology, sport psychology, exercise and conditioning, sport sociology, sport and research, coach in action, strength training and injuries, Olympic Movement, women and sport, sport management, sport and nutrition and other related subjects. Apart of these subjects, there are possibilities for consultations in each subject, and to learn basic Hungarian.

The Sport Specialisation component has two parts: technical and practical. The technical part provides sport-specific information through courses, which include classroom instruction, sport-specific presentation, participatory activity and formal evaluation. The content includes coaching information pertaining to all events in a particular sport. These courses apply coaching principles to a particular sport. Skills, drills, training methods, strategy and tactics, detection and correction of errors as well as psychological preparation are among the topics covered in this block. The practical component involves actual coaching experience, practical lessons, training visits, competitions and matches and their evaluation. The participants will visit the best Hungarian sport clubs and training camps. The practical part of the programme involves applying theoretical and technical knowledge to actual coaching situations. When possible, there is an attempt to evaluate this coaching by on-the-scene observation. The practical and technical parts also contain home
assignments, independent observation of practices and competitions.

The programme is taught exclusively through English. Participants are expected to speak English, not only during classes but also in their conversations with the teaching staff, the organisers and the other students.

The exams may consist of written, oral and/or practical requirements. Examinations in the student’s respective sport consist of sports theory and sports practice. The examination is taken before an Examination Committee. Participants who completed their studies conclude the course with a final examination. Graduates of the programme receive the ICC Coach’s Diploma.

University professors, the best Hungarian specialists, qualified coaches, sports scientists, and experts from the Hungarian and international sport, are invited to give lectures. The organisers use every opportunity to invite well-known lecturers. international guest professors visiting the University, are always invited to contribute to the ICC programme according to their area of expertise.

– Working experience in the respective sport field;
– Recommendation from the National Olympic Committee, Ministry of Sport or Sport Council and/or
National Sport Federation;
– Sufficient knowledge of English language;
– Physical fitness (participation in practical classes);
– Good health;
– Schengen visa (to be paid by the participant);
– Valid passport;
– Valid return ticket.

EUR 6.900 and 7.500, depending on the nature of the course

Instruction, examinations, accommodation, meals, the use of all facilities of the University (sport facilities, library, computer lab, etc.), monthly transportation pass for all forms of public transportation within the limits of Budapest, all transportation included in the course programme, transportation to and from the airport, route a visa to the Hungarian Embassy/Consulate in applicant’s country, medical services (emergency treatment only), admittance to competitions and matches, cultural and social programmes. All participants of the course receive the official course track suit. Sport equipment and Schengen visa are not included.

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International Coaching Course
Basketball, Boxing, Judo, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Swimming, Table Tennis,
Volleyball, Wrestling, Weightlifting
Course fee: EUR 6.900
* * *
Special Course in General Conditioning
International Coaching Course with specialization in General Conditioning including theory, methods, practice, training planning in the application areas of conditioning. Special workshops for particular sport groups will be also included.
Course fee: EUR 7.500

Application deadline: 31 July 2009
* * *
Semmelweis University
Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences
Strategic and International Directorate
1123 Budapest, Alkotás u. 44. – Hungary, Europe
Tel.: +36.1.487-9288
Fax: +36.1.356-5966