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Successful “100 year anniversary of the athletics club Rorschach”

Daniel Tschan, the President of the Swiss Weightlifting Association summed up the 100 years long his story of the club. In 1909 the foundation of this club was a landmark is the development of weightlifting in the whole country. Rorschach was not only very successful but also had a role model within the association. Mayor Thomas Mueller brought the congratulations of the City Council. He mentioned how the name “Rorschach” was a well known ambassador of Weightlifting in Switzerland.
The Swiss Weightlifting clubs brought their friendly wishes and gifts. Club president Raphael Graber was very pleased with the great success of the event and he said this anniversary celebration was courage and motivation to continue working on all levels.

The Athletic club Rorschach
Successes: 29-times Swiss champion team, about 70 individual Swiss championships, 9 cup winner.

For the 100 years celebration of the AS Rorschach the Swiss club invited the lifters of Baden-Württemberg (GER).AS Rorschach won the the friendly meeting 13:11.

The three best lifters of the anniversary event “100 Years of AS Rorschach” on 4 July 2009 in the tent of Rorschach are: winner with 320.8 points Yannick Sautebin before David Waldraff with 307.3 points and Oliver Kling with 299.5 points.

by Conny Högg & Martin Graber

Image: Urs Kern