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Among members of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova elected this spring you find Vadim Vacarciuc, teacher, trainer, Vice-president of the Moldova Weightlifting Federation

He participated four Olympic Games. He was ranked 5th in Atlanta and in Sydney. In Athens he was eliminated after his three unsuccessful snatch attempts. In 2008 Beijing Olympics he achieved 12th position at age of 35.
Vadim Vacarciuc had the following podium finishes at major championships: 3rd in the 1995 World Championships Light-Heavyweight class (375.0 kg); 3rd in the 2003 World Championships Middle-Heavyweight class (400.0 kg); 3rd in the 1994 European Championships Light-Heavyweight class (370.0 kg); 2nd in the 2000 European Championships Middle-Heavyweight class (395.0 kg). In 2003 Vancouver World Championships he was ranked No 1. in clean and jerk (222.5, 94 kg category)