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All in white!

In April 2004 shortly before the Olympics in Athens Andre Rohde and Ivonne Heiden saw each other for the first time during a Bundesliga match in Berlin . Ivonne, German Champion gymnast (member of German team placed 3rd at Euro 2000) saw a live weightlifting competition for the first time in her life.In February 2005 Ivonne drove to Andre or better to say “Rudi” to see him. Two weeks later Rudi went to Berlin to visit his Ivonne, it was “love at third sight”. “Rudi” (born 18.08. 1975 in Görlitz, Sachsen) was placed 11th in 105 kg (395kg) in 2004 Athens Olympic Games.
In December 2005 Ivonne followed Rohde to Leimen. On 2 October 2006 at the World Championships in Santo Domingo during the first snatch (168 kg) “Rudi” suffered a serious injury. After the operation Rohde started his rehabilitation program and Ivonne fully supported him. For “Rudi”s perfect treatment Ivonne learnt a lot about weightlifting to understand “Rudi”s shoulder and arm problems better.
In December 2007 at the German championships in Obrigheim at the closing ceremony Andre “Rudi” Rohde stepped on the stage with a bouquet of roses in his hand and asked for Ivonne’s hand.
They married in Berlin this June. A lot of celebrities of German sports life were present: Manfred Nerlinger, Detlef Blasche, Frank Schlizio, Peter Käks, Ingo Steinhoefel, Marc Huster, Axel Franz, Alexander Ober Kirsch, Martin Herberg, Christian Thomas, Michael Thomas, Nicole Trux, Catharina Grossmann, Lars Betke and European Championships swimmer Jens Kruppa. 
(Conny Högg)