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Weightlifting exhibition in observance of Olympic Day

The Guyana Amateur Weightlifting Association (GAWA) in association with the Guyana Olympic Association (GOA) will observe Olympic Day in Guyana with a weightlifting exhibition Saturday.

Lifters such as Sean Cozier, who has represented this country in numerous international competitions, along with recently crowned Schoolboys and Novices best lifter Antoine Gordon and Orwayne Cozier amongst others will be demonstrating the various lifts in the exhibition.

The observance will be under the theme “Discover the Olympic movement through weightlifting” a sport which has been a part of the modern Olympic games since the first games were held back in 1896.

Lifters from Guyana participated in the Games and has been a part of same from 1948 to 1956, took a break in 1960, but returned in 1964 and ‘68 before taking another sabbatical and returning in 2004, with the best performance being that of Martin Dias who competed in the 1964 Olympic Games (56 kg, 8th place

100.0, 102.5, 132.5, total