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Public Relations Officers seminar rated a success

The first ever seminar for practicing Public Relations Officers (PROs) of the various sporting organizations, organized by the Guyana Olympic Association (GOA) in collaboration with the Reds Perreira Sports Foundation held at the Guyana Olympic House was rated a success owing to the fact that it attracted ninety five percent (95%) of the invited PROs.

The seminar was deemed successful by the participants who indicated that they had benefited from the exercise and requested a follow-up. One participant, Maxine Parris-Aaron spoke for all when she said, “The seminar was long overdue. It was good to hear from resource persons who have worked within the system and were able to give examples relevant to Guyana.”

Participating organizations included the Guyana Squash Association, Guyana Karate Federation, Guyana Amateur Swimming Association, Athletics Association of Guyana, Guyana Cycling Federation, Guyana Bad-minton Association, Guyana Judo Association, Guyana Weightlifting Association, Guyana Taekwondo Associa-tion, Guyana Table Tennis Association, Guyana Lawn Tennis Association, Guyana Rugby Football Union, Guyana Football Federation, Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation and Guyana Netball Association.

The main objective of the seminar was to improve the public relations skills and knowledge of the various participants.

The presenters urged participants to disseminate the information within their respective organizations.