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Bucharest junior WC, women +75 kg, A new Korean superstar on the scene

The group of 15 women (there were three 16 years old among them) had very interesting composition. First of all Niue (an island nation in the South Pacific Ocean) had it first appearence at world championship. Their representative Narita Wiliamu had a very good start with three good attempts in snatch (placed 5th) but finally she could not move up from her first weight in clean and jerk and she was ranked 7th worse than expected by the delegation members. Holley Mangold (20) was another sensation of the group as no heavier woman had ever entered the field (173.38 kg). (The heaviest in Beijing was Olha Korobka (UKR) 166.97 kg) A year after Cali junior world championships she increased her weight by 5 kg and progressed by 27 kg in total. This year she had the 9th position. There was a 16 year old Chinese girl, An Yunmo who just had her opener lift in snatch good to be No 4th. Finally she remained 4th in total (by bodyweight difference) however received her first ever bronze medal in clean and jerk. The title holder Russian Kachaeva (19) was not able to reach the top again as 20 years old Korean Lee was stronger in both disciplines. Both had nice progress wit 3-3 good attempts.
Kachaeva was very motivated and she had a perfect evening performance with 6 good lifts out of 6. She improved 25 kg between Cali and Bucharest junior Worlds but she had a stronger rival. However Korean Lee missed her first attempt in clean and jerk. After a little correction she jerked 141 kg which made her to be the owner for the other two gold medals. But she wanted more and she was able to lift 150 kg! She might be the successor of the Olympic champion compatriot Jang Mi-ran. It would be a mistake to forget 17 years old Abdel Rahman Khalil Abir. The Egyptian girl was world champion a year ago in Cali in 69 kg. Here she had 75.33 kg (!) body weight and just with three good attempts won bronze in total (by lighter bodyweight) 243 kg. This result would have been worth for silver medal in category 75 kg.