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Bucharest junior WC, men 105 kg, one man show

Despite of the fact Russian Eduard Mezhgikhov missed one of his snatch attempts he was able to grab first place without any difficulty as his rivals were far behind him. 20 years old Russian was very convincing in clean and jerk as well. Tagirov (UKR) ranked 2nd in snatch was 19 kg behind him in clean and jerk however he had three succesful lifts. The real fight was between Plesnieks (LAT) and Armak (IRI) and finally the bodyweight decided. The younger was lighter as well and this way 17 years old courageous Plesniks was robbing the bronze medal from the pocket of Armak. Meanwhile Eduard Mezhgikhov was very fast and accurate during his attempts and at the end of the competition however he already was in position of a winner he pleased everyone with a substancial increase. He was jumping from 207 kg to 220 kg. The man of nerves focused all his strength and a left a memorable massage in Bucharest.