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Bucharest Junior WC, women 75kg, Li Rongyan: That is how I like it

Women 75 kg category had again a Chinese winner. Li Rongyan had a lot of potential however she was succesful only with her opener snatch. This way Novakovich (BLR) could grap the first place. Asian girls were very nervous, Korean Lee was succesful only one time, like Li. Concerning snatch medalists they had only four good attempts out of nine. They really had great expectations. Snatch winner Novakovich had no more card to play in clean and jerk. Russian Karpunenko was strong enough to be ranked third (125 kg). Last year’s three times World champion Lee was chasing Novakovich and finally she lifted 135 kg. Good for silver in clean and jerk and and in total. There was no question about the winner as Li 135 and 140 kg. She already won but had mental strength to concentrate to prove her abilities despite of her very poor snatch performance.