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Bucharest junior WC, men 85 kg, Super performance of Zielinski brothers

Albanian Tabaku was lucky enough to remain in competititon with 166 kg snatch for his third trial. Polish Adrian Zielinski was ahead of him by 3 kg and Russian Aukadov was behind him by another 3 kg. However, clean and jerk brought a new protagonist into the play. Tomasz Zielinski lifted 201kg. There was no succesful answer for this attempt to surpass.  This lift resulted him a gold in clean and jerk and a bronze in total. Adrian Zielinski was again stronger than Tabaku by 3 kg in clean and jerk as well however the Albanian tried to focus all his strength on his last attempt to change the final result. He was not able to stop Adrian Zielinski winning the gold in total by 368 kg. Tabaku had a significant progress comparing to  his Cali achievement by 5th place and 328 kg a year ago. This year he lifted 34 kg more silver medal. At last year’s junior World championships Zielinski brother touched bottom by unsuccesful lifts. Tomasz was eliminated in 77 kg clean and jerk, while Adrian had zero total failing all his clean and jerk attempts in 85 kg. This year they had the top positions in clean and jerk collecting gold and silver medal.