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Bucharest Junior WC, women 69 kg, Chinese Li six good attempts, three gold medals

The opening attempts of both Chinese and Colombian lifters were succesful, but finally Colombian Solis made a mistake in snatch and lost to Li Changying.The Chinese found herself on the lead (111 kg). Olympic fourth placed Solis had succesful movements in clean and jerk (130 kg, 136 kg) Li finally jerked 137 kg. Solis was encouraged to try 142 kg for the gold but she was not strong enough for that weight. In this way Solis had to be satisfied with 2nd place again like a year ago when she lost to Egyptian Khalil at Cali junior WC. She had a tremendous development during the year as improved 10 kg.There was an interesting dual between Russian Zubova sisters. Maria won bronze medal and Olga became fourth after she withdrew from her last attempt. Last year bronze medallist Kim (KOR) had very poor performance with just opening attempts in snatch and clean and jerk. She had only position No 6 by3 kg less total result than a year before.