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ZIMBABWE National Bodybuilding and Weightlifting Association has split to form the Weightlifting Federation of Zimbabwe and the Bodybuilding Association to serve the different needs of Weightlifters and Bodybuilders.

Former ZNBBWA president George Takundwa Nyawo is now the president of WFZ while Kays Rushika was named the Bodybuilding president.

In a press statement released by WFZ, the president, Nyawo explained that the dissolution was very amicable and had come about as a result of the need to adequately service the two disciplines.

“Weightlifting and Bodybuilding are two different disciplines with their own techniques and training programs.

“If athletes in both of these disciplines are to advance and compete at the highest level, then they need to train using the correct training program as well as follow the correct nutritional guidelines.

“Weightlifting is an Olympic sport with the highlight being the Olympic Games in addition to national, regional and international competitions that are held throughout the year,” he said.

He also said pressure from the Zimbabwe Olympic Committee and the Sport and Recreation Commission on ZNBBWA to concentrate on Weightlifting as it is an Olympic sport that brings medals also led to the formation of WFZ.

Nyawo noted that weightlifting has been suffering in terms of development and WFZ executive is going to work on the development of weightlifting.

“The WFZ has already applied for affiliation to the Sport and Recreation Committee whilst it has also started on a program on identifying suitable venues where athletes from the weightlifting discipline can train.

“This process is being undertaken as soon as possible in order to prepare for the 2012 Olympics.” said Nyawo.