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Media Attention Disrupts Olympic Champion’s Training

Weightlifting world champion Jang Mi-ran held a pen in her hand instead of a barbell as she called call for “less media attention,” so that she can concentrate on training.

Jang, who is preparing for the World Weightlifting Championships to be held in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province, in November, sent a two-page written appeal to media outlets Friday.

She started with her gratitude, saying, “Since the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, many people recognize me and I have been invited to numerous events. I accepted the invitations in return for public attention as far as the events did not disturb my training schedules.”

But she said that some event organizers publicized her participation without her consent, and that media reports sometimes caused problems.

“Recent media reports said that I was appointed as honorary ambassador for an anti-second-hand smoking campaign, organized by Seoul City, and would take part in the campaign ceremony. But I’ve never heard about the appointment and the city has never proposed it to me. I protested to Seoul City and the marketing company, but they just passed the buck to each other,” Jang said.

Besides that campaign, there have been several other reports since the Olympic Games that she is taking part in events – without her knowledge and acceptance.

“If event organizers ask me to come without prior agreement, I cannot because I have to train every day. I’m worried that if I do not participate, people may think I am irresponsible,” she said.

Jang said that she will seek legal action if such a situation arises again. “I think training harder to keep the world’s top position will be the best way for me to contribute to the development of Korea’s weightlifting,” she said. (Kim Rahn, Korea Times)