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Nauru Olympic Committee new president

His Excellency, Marcus Stephen, OWF President has been elected President of the Nauru Olympic Committee for the next four years. He is the only Head of State to have competed at three Olympic Games.
(competed at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, 1996 Atlanta Olympics and at the 2000 Sydney Olympics)Aaron Cook was elected the new President of the Nauru Weightlifting Federation. The new general secretary, Sheeva Peo Cook. She was one of the greatest lifters of the Pacific for many years in the 75+Kg category. She is a former Olympian, representing Nauru at the Sydney Olympics.

Nauru the venue for 2010 OYG Continental Qualification

Nauru will be the host country for the very first Olympic Youth Games Continental Qualification. The date has not been finalized as yet by the IWF but it is anticipated to be held in the month of May. To be eligible for the Youth Olympic Games, athletes must be born between 1st January 1993 and the 31st December, 1994.
In conjunction with this event, the Oceania & South Pacific Senior and Junior Championships will also be held. Nauru is very much looking forward to hosting this event as it has been ten years since they last hosted a major weightlifting international event. (OWF)