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Weightlifting legend Süleymanoğlu stable

Süleymanoğlu was taken to Bakırköy Dr. Sadi Konuk Hospital on Thursday after having a seizure from a high fever. The hospital’s vice chief of medicine, Dr. İbrahim Morgül, said Süleymanoğlu was in stable condition, but more tests were needed before making a diagnosis about the 42-year-old iron pumper.

“We have yet to know if the problem is about the brain, the lungs or diabetes,” said Morgül. “We have taken care of his seizures and he is stabilized. But we will only understand more about his situation after more tests.”

Turkish Weightlifting Federation chairman Hasan Akkuş visited Süleymanoğlu in his room and said the athlete’s condition did not look bad. “He is not very well, but not bad at all,” said Akkuş. “I talked with him, and he said ‘We will get over this,’ to me.” One of the greatest weightlifters in the sport’s history, Süleymanoğlu is a three-time Olympic winner, earning gold medals in the Seoul 1988, Barcelona 1992 and Atlanta 1996 games. (Hurrieyet)