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European Championships Summary

After a 37-year absence, Rumania once again organised the Senior Championships which was a resounding success with the media and important sporting personalities and institutional authorities.

This was President Nicu Vlad’s first task as newly elected IWF Vice President. 229 athletes represented 39 nations in the event.

Russia was top of the class in the women’s events, followed by Turkey and the Ukraine. The best female athlete, winner in the Sinclair table was Russia’s Natalia Zabolotnaya.

The men’s categories were also dominated by Russia followed by Turkey and Azerbajan. Winner in the Sinclair table as best athlete was Arakel Mirzoyan, son of the Olympic Champion, Oxen.

During the closing ceremony, which started at 19:00, President Antonio Urso commemorated the 40 years of the EWF in a history filled speech (see the EWF website for the full speech) and he awarded the 9 centenary European Federations. This year Luxembourg was added to the list with a Gold Collar for sporting merit and a medal.

The same acknowledgement was given to two Peking Olympic Champions: Matthias Steiner and Andrei Aramnau, and it was collected by Presidents Claus Umbach and Alexander Sphilevsky.

Diplomas were also awarded to EWF Honorary members:

Alain Lunzenfichter and Johan Erling for the years of dedication to our sport.

A Gold Star for sporting merit was awarded to the Rumanian Federation for its 79 years of activity. A diploma and medals were presented to President Nicu Vlad.

Frank Mantek Germany – Silver star for sporting merit, sporting directos and chief of coaches for the national team. Throghout his career he has accumulated more than 100 medals in international events. (by Marino Ercolani Casadei)