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2 New CDs on German Weightlifting “Dokumentation Deutsches Gewichtheben Total”

· How many bridges had Olympic Champion Matthias Steiner to cross?

· How was Wolfgang Peter a “black sheep” at times?

· What did Prof.Dr. Edgar Weidner tell already in 1981?

· What kind of advanture will Rolf Milser engage into in 2009?

Following the issue of the 1st CD on German Weightlifting involving 1990 to 2006, now the authors Hilmar Bürger and Stephan Müller published the second CD covering the sport’s history from 1945 to 1989 and an update for 2007 and 2008. If you buy it, you will find the answers to the above questions.

Both publications contain a historical overview, stories on German weightlifting stars, comprehensive statistics, competition results, progress of records, timetables and a short encyclopedia with biographies of German weightlifters, coaches, oficials, doctors, researchers, referees and journalists.

Both CD-1 and CD-2 are sold at the same price of 19.40 € (incl. 19°VAT) + 3 € mailing costs.

You can download the Order Form from the website or contact and .

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