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PREVIEW Oceania & South Pacific Sr. & Jr. Championships and Arafura Games

The 2009 Oceania and South Pacific Senior & Junior Championships will be held in conjunction with the Arafura Games in the city of Darwin , Australia .

The Arafura Games is open to any country in the world and they are held in Darwin every two years. Darwin is situated in the Northern Territory – right up at the very top of Australia. It is the nearest Australian city to Asia .

The Oceania Congress will be held on May 12th, whilst the competition dates are the 13th, 14th 15th May.

So far 12 countries have entered. They are: Australia , New Zealand , Papua New Guinea , Nauru , Kiribati , Palau , Fiji , Samoa, Niue , Solomon Islands , New Caledonia , Tonga . These countries are also competing in the Arafura Games and OWF expect also to have a few more countries from South East Asia entering in the Arafura Games.

(Paul Coffa)