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Matthias Steiner in a TV advertisement spot

The relationship between German Soccer Leage and German Sport Aid (Deutsche Sporthilfe) culminated in an action when 36 clubs of the league dramatized great media focus on the work of ‘Deutsche Sporthilfe’ and on more than 50 other branches of sports. On one of the league days in all stadiums athletes representing ‘Deutsche Sporthilfe’ were entitled to kick off, of course broadcasted all over Germany. Besides this moment all the league teams wore their shirts decorated with the logo of ‘Deutsche Sporthilfe’. One of the sponsors of ‘Deutsche Sporthilfe’ offered 1000 Euros as an extraordinary support after all goals of the day. Finally they added 30000 Euros to the Sports Aid movement. At the same time with this match day a nationwide TV advertising campaign started with famous football stars like Asamoah, Benaglio and coach Felix Magath together with top athletes like Steffi Nerius, Matthias Steiner. They all poularize the activities and aims of ‘Deutsche Sporthilfe’.
On behalf of all 4000 athletes supported by ‘Deutsche Sporthilfe’ the Best German Athlete of 2008, Steiner summed up the importance of day. ‘Both parties may enjoy all the benefits of this promotion. It is really very adventegous for us to know professional soccer stands up for all the other sports enjoying little media attention and pale limelight. At the same time soccer society gains more social prestige by supporting the idea like this on a noble way.’
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