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IWF President’s press conference in Madrid

Dr. Tamás Aján, IWF President had a press conferenc a day after the Electoral Congress was closed. Ma Wenguang appeared for the first time representing his new position as IWF’s General Secretary. Emilio Estarlik, President of the Spanish Federation, newly elected Executive Board Member accompanied the two top leaders of IWF.

Mr. Aján in his opening speech underlined the importance of the fact IWF had a record number of federations (132) took part at the congess representing their viewpoints and ideas forming the future of weighlifting. ‘We modernized our Constitution according the demands of the 21st century.What is the next step? Among the very first tasks we have to decide about the qualifacition system for the coming Olympics.”- he added.

Introducing the new General Secretary first he expressed his opinions exceptionally high level of Beijing Olympics. Mr. Ma had a great part of the success of weightlifting in Beijing. Mr. Aján thought his election was a milestone in the history of this sport as he is the first non-European General Secretary.

The President said the fact that average age of the Executive Board is younger than before is lucky from point of view to have fresh ideas and innovations in weightlifting. ‘They will contribute a lot to the future image of our sport’- Mr. Aján told. Alltogether 35 officials were elected (18 Europe, 6 Asia, 5 Americas, 4 Oceania, 2 Africa).


Finally Mr. Aján answered to a question how much he admires Madrid and Spanish people. As a Hungarian born person he is very proud to know his compatriot’s Ferenc Puskás (called Pancho in Madrid) ever green popularity in the Spanish capital. Puskás was a player of Real Madrid, the President’s favourite club.