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Interview with the 1st Vice President of IWF

– How could you sum up your opinion about the last four years IWF work?

– From a technical point of view I can never be satisfied. Never. No matter how much work we do, no matter how much innovations, how much changes we made, we can never be satisfied. Satisfaction means we stop, to stop means we go backwards.

– But you could be satisfied if you fulfilled your plans, could not you?

– Yes, that is true. We had a four year plan with many items on this program, from that point of view we have fulfilled all the plans we introduced for the first and second four years. For 8 years as far as I am concerned on the technical side we have fulfilled all the obligations we wanted.

– There is a great rivalry among sports to survive on Olympic program or at least to survive among so many newly born and hungry sports. How can you see the future of weightlifting?

– I am satisfied in a sense that we are in the program for London and that was our objective. Obviously we were terribly worrying about doping 4-5 years ago. The fact that we are in London it means we have done a few things right and even the IOC is looking at us being stable sport, a sport which is fairly well governed and moving forward.

– What is the next step by your head?

– To well guard everything from technical to anti-doping, to administration, all things like that. In general always look at the future.
(by Dezső Dobor)