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Report on Coaching course in Dubai (UAE)

In the time period 8-12 March, 2009 a coaching course was organized by the Weightlifting Federation of United Arab Emirates for local coaches and administrators of olympic lifting. The total number of participants was over 30 people, including 3 female coaches. The place of the course was a conference center with all the necessary high level tools for theoretical lectures and practical training.

The topics covered the following fields:

– history of modern weightlifting, activity of IWF
– biomechanical aspects of lifting techniques
– training methods, training planning
– nourishment and supplementation of lifters, problems of doping, side effects- teaching of beginners, technique developmebnt (practical session)
– importance of assistant sports in weightlifting training (practical training)
– performance analysis of top lifters of world championships and olympic games (video analysis)

The conductor of the course was Andras S. Szabo, IWF expert, PhD, DSc, university professor. According to his report the participants were very active. „I do hope it was a useful course for help and improvement of the weightlifting sport in UAE. From the vice-president of the WFUAE, Mr. Abdul Karim Saeed Mohammad Bilal I have got all support to conduct a successful course in Dubai”- he said.