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Olympic Champion Földi lends his name to a Sports Hall

The Sports Hall of Tatabánya (Hungary), home of many successful weightlifting events in the ’70s and ’80s, like the famous Pannonia Cups, is named after Imre Földi, 1972 Olympic champion. Földi took part in five Olympic Games (1964-1976), he was five times World Champion, ten times European Champion. He set up 20 world records. His speciality was the Press, that is no longer on the weightlifting programme since 1973. The Olympic Champion was decorated with a golden ring by Minister Istvan Gyenesei, an Olympic medal was presented to him by Dr. Pal Schmitt, IOC Member, President of the Hungarian Olympic Committee. Dr. Tamas Ajan, IOC member, IWF President decorated Mr. Földi with the IWF Order in Gold.