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World Cup in New Caledonia cancelled due to General Elections

Ronald Frere, President of New Caledonia Federation sent this message:

“Dear Friends,

It is with great regret to inform you that the 2009 World Cup which was supposed to be held on May 3rd to 7th,  has been cancelled in New Caledonia.
This decision was taken after consultation with the IWF / OWF. 

The reason for canceling the event,  is that the Government of New Caledonia was to have their General Election in the month of April.  But they have now changed it to the month of May,  the same week as the World Cup.  Consequently the New Caledonia television, RFO,  has had no choice but to pull out of the telecast, locally and internationally and therefore we were left with no other choice but to cancel the World Cup.

Yours sincerely,

Ronald Frere, President