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20th Anniversary of Seoul Olympics – Goyang City prepares for 2009 WWC

Commemorating the 20th Anniversary of the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games, celebrations were held in the Korean capital. Among all Olympic cities Seoul is the one most treasuring the Olympic traditions. The benefits and the legacy of the 1988 Games have reached into the present.
The 20th Anniversary was celebrated with a scientific Symposium where, besides memories from Seoul 1988, the spell of the latest Olympics in Beijing was still lingering among the participants. The exceptional success of the Olympic weightlifting competitions in China was a frequent subject of conversations.
Fifty-five lecturers were invited, among them
Dr. Tamás Aján, President of the IWF. The opening address was held by Mr. Seh-Jik Park, then President of the SOCOG.
Dr. Aján also met the hosts of the 2009 World Championships in Goyang City . The Korean hosts are determined to stage the best and most successful Championships in history. Following ChiangMai this is no minor challenge but the Koreans are facing it confidently. Goyang City is developing dynamically; its Mayor
Mr. Hyun-Suk Kang, a most vigorous person, keeps everyone on the alert. His partner in the organisation is Mr. Sung-Yong Choi, KWF Vice President and President of the OC.
The venue, the KINTEX center is one of the world’s best multifunctional facilities. The IWF President deems the competition and training venue is expected to be of higher standard than ever before, matching even Olympic requirements.
Accommodation will be provided in a 5 star hotel on the outskirts of Seoul, half-an-hour to the competition venue. Meals will not be a problem, given that dishes from Western, Asian and Arabic kitchen will all be available.
In the year prior to the Olympic Qualification World Championships (November 2009), the IWF is planning to make four technical visits to Goyang City aspiring to the rank of Host of Best WC in History.